Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be The Change You Wish To See

I am the support she never had.
I am the rock she now stands upon.
I am the the classes she is not afraid to take.
I am that child whose life she saved with just one smile.
I am the sense of family that she now has.
I am the voice she now has.
I am the friend who defied the hatred and harassment.
I am the words that she is now longer afraid to tell.
I am the warmth she emits through her day.
I am the mom who knows now not to hate.
I am the wall she has climbed over.
I am the bridge she has crossed.
I am the barricade she has broke down.
I am the love of her life.
I am the peace of mind.
I am the happiness of companionship.
I am myself.

I am the one who told her I loved her even though she was gay.

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