Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Was it a choice?

What I've chosen is
To love her.
To be with only her.
To hold her close no matter where we are or who is looking.
To be the only one she wakes to in the morning.
To be the support that her family never was to her.
To care for her the way her peers never did.
To be the person she relied on.
To be the love of her life.
To hopefully fulfill her life, as much as she is mine.
To live every dream to its fullest, not knowing where it will end, not knowing if ours will be the same.
To be strong for her, for the world.
To not care what others think.
To care about equal rights.
To enforce love in as many lives as I can touch.

What I've not chosen is
To be ridiculed.
To be labeled as a freak, a creep, a pervert, a second-class citizen.
To be hurt.
To be pushed aside.
To never be able to marry.
To be unequal from you.
To be gay.

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