Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the list

turning to me,
you smile sweetly for a moment.
then your face shifts before me.
turning to a look of devilish proportions.
you lick your lips and lean into me.
grazing my lips softly.
as a sigh releases your lips.
one tender moment.
but then we part.
for you have someone else.
he is holding you tight.
watching silently as i walk away.
when i am gone, he leans in to kiss you.
then comes another.
the way you tease each other.
it's just tantalizing.
you kiss her, and she kisses you back.
sharing that cookie that was placed,
just so, between your lips.
as your guy sits back and watches.
loving every moment.
and we really can't be jealous
because at least we made the list.
now all i can dream of is
that maybe someday,
i will be yours and you will be mine.
but for now i am content.
as i close my eyes
and i savor the touch
of your lips on mine
and the way you held my hand.

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